The History of InchWorm!

artists interpretation of original game

InchWorm! has its roots in an old DEC program, displayed with character graphics, on a green-tinted CRT in a school computer lab in which Mike Amadeo found himself toiling away at sometime in the early 1970s. Despite lacking the power and sophistication of today’s Inchworm technology, it very successfully implemented the essential guiding principle of digital inchworms everywhere: eat bugs and grow. It was also Mike’s first interaction with a computer and its interface, catching his attention and sowing the seeds for a fulfilling career in the software arts.

In the early 1990s Mike Amadeo released two shareware versions of the program, Worm! and InchWorm!

Worm! was black and white, with MIDI sounds, and introduced Willy Worm, who loved to eat bugs! There was an accelerator feature, to go with three fixed speeds, played at any of three resolutions. Simple, but fast-playing game play at higher levels. Mike heard from many people literally all over the world who enjoyed playing it.

[ screenshot here from black and white version ]

InchWorm! for Mac added several other worms, a new one appearing in sequence with each level. Wally, Juanita, Wanda, Rhonda, WeeWee, Wilma, and Wilpurt all competed against Willy for bugs. Color and digitized sound made the experience richer. Visually appealing, but the game play may have lost some focus with all that was going on on-screen. Mike heard from many more folks, of all ages, who shared the fun of InchWorming. (

[ screenshot here from mac version ]

Now introducing InchWorm! for iPhone:

InchWorm! for iPhone returns to Willy as sole player, and we think the game is better for it. The tuning of the iPhone version - how many bugs, what dimensions for the playing field, how much time would work across all resolutions – are the heart of the
development effort, and I think they’re in better harmony with each other in this implementation.

Inchworm! for iPhone almost feels like several games, as the style of game play changes a bit from the early speeds to the faster speeds. There’s a qualitative difference to the game from Lo res to Medium res to Hi res. Rounds 1-3, efficiency is inorder; later rounds, it’s quickness that counts.

Several goals have been met with this effort:
- create a fun, easy to use game
- release a bug-free product
- introduce myself to iOS development

InchWorm! was written in Objective-C using Xcode on a Macintosh OS X system, using the standard Cocoa Touch frameworks. It is a universal app, with identical features and game play on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

After the first release of Inchworm for iphone, Brian Callahan our graphic designer/game artist was brought on board to help spice up the visuals of Inchworm & this new version  of Inchworm for iphone with a graphical over haul as well as improved game play and other improvements will soon be released as Inchworm! version 2.0 in the near future.


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